Another Rosemere Success

October 2009 saw a fantastic collaboration between New Rosemere AOS and Wingates World Famous Brass Band. The concert on 3rd October included excerpts from “Patience”, the society’s forthcoming show; wonderful contemporary and classic melodies from Wingates and New Rosemere and the supreme vocal stylings of ‘Tanta Voce’, a talented vocal group made up of young Boltonians and billed as “the best thing to come out of Bolton since Peter Kay!” (And I’m inclined to agree!)

Rehearsals for this concert coincided with the initial rehearsals for the upcoming show and so it has been all go for the society since summer 2009! Save a few snowed in rehearsals over Christmas and New Year, New Rosemere has been hard at it, with full rehearsals every Monday night and Principal Rehearsals on Wednesdays, all taking place at the Deane United Reformed Church Hall, 385 Wigan Road (email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to join!)