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The Bolton News

'A most enjoyable night.'

To mark its 100th production, New Rosemere AOS put on a double treat for Gilbert and Sullivan fans.

In Trial by Jury and HMS Pinafore, it has selected two of the Victorian duo's most popular and well-regarded works, and delivers a three-hour performance that will leave you wanting more.

The short comic operetta, Trial by Jury, was Rosemere's first show in 1927 and it fittingly forms the first part of the performance.

It's a 40-minute gem, tightly constructed with rousing tunes, typical Gilbert and Sullivan silliness and more than a few chuckles, all capped by a standout performance from Lindsay Farnworth as the plaintiff Angelina.

It follows the case of a breach of a promise to marry, dealt with in an uncompromising way by the Judge, a big role ably filled by Ken Rees.

Marriage is also the subject of the main performance, HMS Pinafore, as a young sailor strives to wed a navy captain's daughter 'above his station' - even though she is due to marry Sir Joseph Porter, the First Lord of the Admiralty.

The music - and the performance is all about the music - is a delight, carried off with gusto and no little talent by the entire cast.

Ken Rees again impresses as Sir Joseph, while Eleanor Molloy as Josephine is as wonderful as the eye-catching set on which the show is played out.

The orchestra, led by the society's musical director Elaine Lowe, was outstanding, providing the platform for a most enjoyable night.

Michael Short