The Pirates of Penzance

20th - 24th March 2018


Cast and Crew

Major General Stanley  Peter Bowden
The Pirate King David Seager
Samuel  Mike Nash
Frederic David Griffiths
Sergeant of Police Ken Brook
Mabel Eleanor Molloy
Edith Katherine Seager
Kate Claire Butler
Isabel Christine Travis
Ruth Heather Nicholas
DIRECTOR Hannah Carolan
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The Bolton News

Set on the Cornish coast, Gilbert and Sullivan’s 5th Operetta is given a right royal airing by an energetic and enthusiastic cast. 

From start to finish this holistic polished performance didn’t fail to please as we were treated to delightful vocals backed by a fabulous orchestra, both under the skilful baton of Musical Director Christine Seager.

As Frederick reaches his 21st year he is released from his indentures free to choose from a bevy of beauties, rather than take nurse maid Ruth up on her offer of togetherness. David Griffiths is a fine Frederick and is suitably matched to Eleanor Molloy’s impressive Mabel. With a vocal range many would be proud of; this leading couple looked just right and sang beautifully together.

Proving to be a swashbuckling Pirate King, David Seager impresses with an authoritative King whilst Heather Nicholas as Ruth shone as she mucked in with the pirates to prove she was a force to be reckoned with.

Ken Brock played a comedic Sergeant of Police with a dead pan delivery and led a merry band of policemen who delivered A Policeman’s Lot with style.

The stage was packed with pirates and daughters, which was a pleasure to see, all looking equally as ensconced in the proceedings making this a believable production.

Supported by an array of cameos and characters, all worthy of mention if space allowed. This was a true ensemble piece that together provided super harmonies – Hail Poetry was stunning.

The highlight of the show was the rendition of Modern Major General which Peter Bowden made his own. Fast paced, word perfect and with great delivery, the audience delighted with resounding applause as this accomplished performer delivered this patter song with ease.

Hannah Carolan maintains her high standard by presenting a top notch production that brought out the necessary comedy and pathos of this classic piece and with an array of stunning costumes and an impressive set, this slick production was a pleasure to watch.

Paul Cohen, BATS