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Winner/Runner-up Award  Person Organisation
WINNER Best Artistic Direction in a Musical Rita Whitelaw NODA
RUNNER-UP Best Staging in a Musical    NODA
RUNNER-UP Best Actor in a Musical Jim Lancaster NODA
RUNNER-UP Best Set & Costume Design   BATS



'The singing was of the highest quality'

Iolanthe is a delightful mixture of fantasy, fun, enough good music to satisfy a strong singing society whilst retaining a resonance in the storyline with today's political scene.

The ladies chorus 'tripped hither and thither' to great effect clad in the most effective pastel-shaded, diaphanous costumes: attention to detail, from head to toe, in the costuming department was very evident throughout. In a similar vein one could not have wished for a more stately group of peers, equally well bedecked in excellent costumes.

The ever reliable Pat Killeen was excellent as the imperious Queen of the Fairies whilst Bemard Killeen, a seasoned Gilbert & Sullivan performer, tumed in a brilliant characterisation as the Lord Chancellor.

The excellent tenor voice of Jim Lancaster as Lord Tolloller resounded throughout the theatre and he was ably supported by the ever improving Rob Peace as Lord Montararat.

The two halves of Strephon, played by Clive Green, were perfectly synchronised. The upper fairy half, with more than a passing resemblance to Benny Hill, was extremely expressive whilst the lower mortal half, if the reactions of Phyllis were anything to go by were, potentially, in good working order.

Liz Tatlock made a very elegant Phyllis who sang beautifully whilst Liz Gent played the part of Iolanthe.

As I have come to expect from this society, diction was perfect and the singing was of the highest quality.

This was a production where all the elements, costume, scenery, props, wigs, sound and lighting were drawn together with precision.

To top off this confection Musical Director Charles Galloway and his excellent orchestra added the final dollop of cream!

A classic Gilbert and Sullivan production, updated to add those final, much needed, subtle touches.